Daily Mail Grief Intrusion
Daily Mail Grief Intrusion
Daily Mail Grief Intrusion

I’ve filed a Press Complaints Commission complaint on this for what it’s worth. The Daily Mail like all newspapers has an agenda, I understand that but this is way, way too far.

The story does not even contain quotes from the girl’s parents, instead it states that, “Sophie’s parents Martin, 49, and Laura were today too upset to comment on the tragedy. The family live in a three-bedroomed home in a cul-de-sac in Yaxley.”

Therefore I have to assume that the Daily Mail Reporter (either no one was proud enough to get a by-line or the story came via a local stringer) doorstepped the parents in order to try and get a quote.

The parents and teachers of Sophie Howard must be devastated.

Source: Daily Mail but please don’t give it hits.

Daily Mail Headline Change
Daily Mail Headline Change

The story itself is merely using the death of a young woman to make an ideological point regarding the strike. On another day the Mail would have left it as it interferes with the paper’s usual anti-health’n’safety agenda.

As a side note. My usual views count on Twitpic by the way, is about 12. Twitter users appear to be equally as appalled as I am.

Please go to the PCC and file a complaint regarding the source link below.

Since Twitter got hold of the story – retweets by Charlie Brooker and Robin Ince drove that – the Daily Mail has altered its headline. As you can see from the image to the left.

Daily Telegraph Teacher's Strike and the Death of a Child
Daily Telegraph Teacher's Strike and the Death of a Child

As another update, I thought I’d also show that, although The Daily Mail retain its mendacity crown, bot the Telegraph and the Mirror also opted to attribute the teacher’s strike to the death of this child.

Daily Mirror and Teachers' Strike Death
Daily Mirror and Teachers' Strike Death

UPDATE: The local paper – The Hunts Post has run a story more soberly entitled: “Parents pay tribute to ‘beautiful daughter’ who was killed by falling branch in Cambridgeshire park” which does quote the parents as stating:

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and family for their support at this difficult time. Sophie has a twin brother who is also suffering greatly.

“Our beloved daughter’s death was a tragic incident, which occurred only 24 hours ago, and we do not want it to be connected to any other events.”

So it would appear that Rob Setchell, the Hunts Post reporter was able interview the parents, unlike Daily Mail Staff.

Read the full story at The Hunts Post.

Finally, as has been pointed out by commentors on this site and via Twitter, you can use Itsyotsy to read the news without delivering hits and boosting their ad arguments.

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  1. Unfortunately the PCC only consider complaints from people involved in the story. So as you’re a third party they won’t even consider if this is a breach of the code…

    Another reason why the PCC is broken, unfortunately.

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