Hoodoo Gurus… of Blood!

Hoodoo Gurus
Hoodoo Gurus ticket from London
Driving down to London from Yorkshire listening to Concerto for Choppers (Part III) it strikes me that putting “…of blood” at the end of nearly anything to create a ‘Cult Movie’.

Here a few that leap to mind:

Circuit of Blood! A speedway tracks holds the terrible secrets of one man and one hundred dead riders.

Wake of Blood! Dennis and Sandy never bargained for terror when they chose their holiday on the Norfolk Broads!

Dinnette of Blood! You are today’s special when Mickey the fry cook comes to play.

Blancmange of Blood! When five restaurant reviewers come together to test Translyvania’s greatest chef, can anyone survive The Blancmange of Blood!?

Saw the Hoodoo Gurus, superb live band… More later.

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