Get a Job! by Glen Barkdale

Glen Barkdale
Glen Barkdale

“Ministers were accused last night of deliberately driving poor people out of wealthy inner cities as London councils revealed they were preparing a mass exodus of low-income families from the capital because of coalition benefit cuts.”

So says that left-leaning – yeah, leaning like a vodka drunk on the Kremlin Wall – Guardian ‘newspaper’ in the United Kingdom.

And I don’t understand. So, let US go over that one more time:

“Ministers were accused last night of deliberately driving poor people out of wealthy inner cities as London…

See what I mean?

You don’t? There appears to be problem as far as The Guardian, or Gruaniad as it’s know cos of its history of misspelling and grammatical mistakes, is concerned. There’s a problem with poor people living in wealthy areas. How does that work? How do poor people get to live in wealthy areas from the get-go? They are POOR. They are NOT WEALTHY!

Don’t get me wrong, I came from poor people stock. My daddy and mom were poor as you can imagine. We lived, and loved (heartbreaking) in what people today would call a shack. The people in our neighborhood were poor. Dirt poor. And what did that do?

WHAT DID THAT DO to a dirt poor family?

It made us not want to be no longer poor! It made us want to fight. My daddy was too proud to go get any so-called benefits (or ‘millstones for the lazy’ as mom called them) so mom worked two jobs, and she was PROUD to do it.

I studied hard at the public library before joining the navy where I learned two great lessons:

  • Hard worked never killed a man.
  • Travelling to overseas shows that home is where the heart, mind and soul is.

The learning and the navy, and the fact that my navy buddy, Jonas Blauburn III needed someone to get his radio station listened to meant that I no longer NEED to live in a poor area. Why? I got a job! Jonas, against his initial thinking – I am a convincing man with the right use of the right ammunition (another thing to thank our Armed Forces for thank God!) soon saw sense and cents when listeners flocked like… when listeners flocked to the Glen Barkdale Blows Hard Against the Winds of Liberalistic Change Drive-Time Show!

Those London poor people can get a job too!


God Bless Us All

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