Fun Phone Calls: #1 “PULL THAT STORY!”

Sometimes people just don’t seem to understand this whole “Communications” aspect of PR/Marketing. Take this example that happened to me this morning regarding a news story and a video game. Aaaw, what a fun phone call:

Them:”Pull that story or we won’t pay up!”
Me: “Pay what? We don’t take money for editorial and that includes news.”
Them: “Pull that story!!”
Me: “Why?”
Them: “Because we made a mistake… so, pull it!!”
Me: “Erm… is the information true? It was in a press release.”
Them: “Well, yes it is true but you have to pull it or else! Or get the info from Wikipedia but you can’t quote the press release or else! You have to pull it!”
Me: “I don’t think I do, you know.”
Them: “Then we won’t pay that sum!!”
Me: “What sum?”
Them: “That we told you we’d pay!! Pull it!”
Me: “Erm, no you didn’t. And if you had, we would have called it advertorial and signed an agreement. What you mean is that you sent something out by mistake, and have now been told to firefight and are doing so by threat.”
Them: “I’ll send you an email!”

Good times, eh?

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