F-Zero! On the Day Sony Announces PS4 – F-Zero!

I am a gaming cynic most of the time. Right now video games are going through a mainstream time that mirrors popular music in the early to mid-1970s. Ponderous, cynical, dull with all the good stuff coming up slowly from the underground. Today Sony is announcing yet another way to extract cash from gamers… but then someone mentioned: this

Yes… that game. That music. I want a Wii U now… F-Zero at 60Hz. I have so many amazing F-Zero memories… round at other friend’s and fellow games journalists houses with import Super Famicoms. On a Virgin Atlantic plane is another. At my house is another… on a ferry. I bloody love F-Zero.

According to ace gaming site SPOnG.com (for which I work):

Anyone who remembers the 16-bit days when gameplay was king will know what a classic game F-Zero was. It was one of the very first games available for the Super Famicom and it demonstrated the SNES’s mode 7 pseudo 3D graphics. Mode 7 scaled a stretched 2D sprite as the background image and rotated it to give an impression of speed and 3D.

It’s now being re-released on Wii U, for 30p. The music is worth that on its own.

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