During SPOnGcast 17

SPOnCast 17 Monster
SPOnCast 17 Monster

I drew this Oood/Cthullu monster while thinking about what to say next during the most recent SPOnG podcast (SPOnGcast) – because everybody else was talking more knowledgeably than I was. The standard thinking about doodling during meetings – and podcasts are meetings that are recorded and broadcast – is that they are due to creative stagnation or frustration.

“Yes!” say films and TV, “During meetings you caricature the other people; draw fantasy locations; make idealised doodles of the only cute person at the table.”

“No!” says reality, “If you’re involved but are not as well prepared, quick, relevant or plain brilliant as the other people in the meeting (podcast) but you still have a creative bone… then you doodle.”

That is my position. This is my doodle.

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