Dear Hacktvists

Dear Anonymous
Read George Steer
Dear Anonymous,

Picking on Sony’s PlayStation network as some form of evil. Surely you can do better?

Previously you had not issued a Jihad against consumers. You’d left the people alone. You had apparently defended Wikileaks.

Now it seems that you’re just DOS. That’s not even elegant.

Now you’re achieving nothing. You are just undermining revolutionary acts.

I hope you’ve spoken to Mitnik. I hope you’ve not just felt entitled to your knowledge. I also hope that you’re keeping up with with hacktvists in Syria, China, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Venezula – or at least that you are going to your local ‘special schools’ or soup kitchens.

I hope that you’re looking at people like Paul Foot or John Pilger or George Steer.

I hope you’re not just looking at:

“Hack means I will be noticed. Being noticed means that I’ll be employed by a corporation to stop other people like me.”

I hope you’re not just entitled narcissists. If you are, you’ll make $$$ and protect your own information like lawyers chewing a divorce. You’ll run your own company and will lose love.


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