Exclusive: Men’s Rights Early Documentary Proof Rediscovered

So yes, friends, the crushing of Men’s Rights, of men as equal human beings, has long been a concern with its roots firmly embedded in history. The question you may wish to pose to yourself and your bros, however, is: “Why was this series withdrawn from broadcast and never seen after its first airing in 1980?” The answers are both obviously shocking and telling in this unbrave new world that Men find themselves forced to inhabit. For now, enjoy the drama.

Phineas Gage

Video Game Pitch: Spike Through the Brain

I work around videogames in that I write about them but as yet have never made one. Yes, I am one of those guys: a critic. So, it’s about time that I took the same road as famed music critic, Neil Tennant, and made the kind of product I comment on. So, here’s the first …

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New Statesman’s Staggering Hit Beggary

I write now as a lefty and not as someone whose day job is trying to get people to read the commercial website about video games (‘videogames’) that I edit. Sadly I find myself writing about this sad piece of hit-begging nonsense masquerading as economic analysis in the New Statesman magazine (Est 1913). Diablo III …

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A Golden Opportunity

I don’t usually go in for award ceremonies, whatever the medium. Corporate back-slapping is pretty repugnant in my book. To me, awards ceremonies are just cynical unit shifting propaganda. Events aimed more at lining shareholders’ pockets than recognising true talent and the hard work of people in whichever industry the awards supposedly represent. I could …

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Zombie Dragon Skirt Ball of Duty

“Zombie Dragon Skirt Ball War of Duty” in Development

Press Release: LONDON JUNE 21 2011 UK developer, GasheadAuGrrr Games, is proud and excited to announce the exciting news that Zombie Dragon Skirt Ball War of Duty is now in development for all major gaming platforms. An innovative mix of volleyball, the Koreastahn War and Dragon fighting, for the first time ever, Dragon Skirt Ball …

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Fun Phone Calls: #1 “PULL THAT STORY!”

Sometimes people just don’t seem to understand this whole “Communications” aspect of PR/Marketing. Take this example that happened to me this morning regarding a news story and a video game. Aaaw, what a fun phone call: Them:”Pull that story or we won’t pay up!” Me: “Pay what? We don’t take money for editorial and that …

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It’s Just Some Text – Get Over It

Having recently noted the deluge of press for the Dead Island videogame trailer, I‚Äôve decided that in order to sell my next book I‚Äôm going to ask someone more talented than I am to write a short piece of text for it. I am thinking of asking Stephen King or Simon Pegg… or both. Yes, …

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