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Quirks of History: Michael Foot Campaigns with Tony Blair – Video

Tony Blair’s press secretary says that he’s exactly the kind of young man that any Beaconsfield mother would be happy to welcome as her daughter’s escort to the Young Conservative dance.

Sydney the Cat – Video Special – Angst

It’s Friday – a Friday. This means little to me at the moment. But to Sydney it means self-doubt, deep, deep self-cleansing, de-toxing of body and mind in fact. Fortunately we’ve managed to catch him on film in this moving trailer for the incredibly moving longer-form documentary-drama: “Min Långa Mörka Natten Med Några Fiskar“, which is due as soon as we get some idiots to crowd-fund it.

New Labour's good influence

 Lord Sewer & Moving Away from New Labour Would be a “Disaster”

Moving to the Left away from New Labour’s influence would lead to terrible role models, right?

Heads Up

Brazil and the Religious Kitsch-o-Rama – Video

I was brought up as a Roman Catholic but rejected the teachings early on. One thing I’ve not rejected – and I have tried really my dears – is my fascination with all of the regalia, imagery, paganism forced into the RC idolatry mould and general gorgeous kitchiness of the nasty faith. The room, on the left as you enter the Museu Mineiro is power-packed with images and statues, but also comes with…

Brazil 2015 - At the Maracana - Flamengo vs Figueirense.

Visiting Brazil – The Maracanã Stadium

Two strange outcomes resulted from the visit to see home-team, the stadium sharing Clube de Regatas do Flamengo playing Figueirense FC in an exciting game that they lost 1-2 in the last minute of extra time.