This afternoon 12 people were murdered in Paris. Ten of them were gunned down for creating satire, for lampooning and making jokes. Two of them were policemen. It appears that the magazine Charlie Hebdo was targeted because it satirised a Read the rest

We bought this recently from a small shop in York that specialises in Japanese and some Russian prints and paintings. The woodblock is called Beauty at Night.

From what I understand, it was created by a Japanese artist called … Read the rest

I hear that the relaunched Cosmos TV series has included a little hagiography of Giordano Bruno as a martyr to Copernican science, and I sigh…” Philip Ball

Philip Ball is an author of several books on aspects of science and Read the rest

Bill Hicks - December 16, 1961 – February 26, 1994

“You go up to crippled people too, dancing? Come on Ironside… race ya!” so said Bill Hicks once upon a time. That time being before people didn’t constantly invoke his, “It’s just a ride man” schtick.

Bill’s gone and can’t … Read the rest

I don’t think that the idea that music and sex go together is problematic. I don’t have a problem with people, men or women, using their sexuality in music videos or in their stage shows. It’s popular music for god’s Read the rest

Despite creating Batman and Superman comics (“I am not proud of it”), Black Country hairy type, Alan Moore has “nothing but abhorrence for the superhero as figure”. He also “didn’t want comics to become high-end accessories”. What a guy.

I’m … Read the rest

Today I was going to bang on about how depressed I am feeling. Again and as usual. I was going to post about how terrified I am about everything. But I then read two separate posts by two separate people Read the rest

I am a gaming cynic most of the time. Right now video games are going through a mainstream time that mirrors popular music in the early to mid-1970s. Ponderous, cynical, dull with all the good stuff coming up slowly from Read the rest

Star Wars

I was interested to see broadcaster, writer and champion Blue Peter host wooer, Charlie Brooker, having a wee troll on Twitter regarding Star Wars. Charlie, in a mischievous attempt at entertaining himself by riling the fans of Lucas’ mismanaged baby, Read the rest