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Stop Showing Me Pictures of Your Children

I woke up yesterday morning, as I do most September mornings, thinking about my daughter Zuzu’s birthday which is this month on the 23rd in fact. This year it’s her 19th. 19 years old! Where does time go? So, I got up, took out the photos of her that I keep in my wallet, and looked at them, thinking again, “19 years old, crikey.” Then I saw the pictures of the dead toddler on the beach in Bodrum.

Tony Blair - smart casual

The Iraq War Inquiry – How Bloody Much?!

The bottom line however, is that since it’s inception under the Gordon Brown government, the inquiry has cost £10,375,000. Excellent. Money well spent. Not really. Not at all in fact. Becasue my question is not as much about the money – a spit in the tank – as it is about time.

Broadsheet Clickbait – Benedict Cumberbatch on Islamic State

Continuing our series of amazing ‘serious’ newspaper stories, here is Benedict Cumberbatch – the Sherlock actor – providing his much needed insight into dealing with the Islamic State.