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Stop Showing Me Pictures of Your Children

I woke up yesterday morning, as I do most September mornings, thinking about my daughter Zuzu’s birthday which is this month on the 23rd in fact. This year it’s her 19th. 19 years old! Where does time go? So, I got up, took out the photos of her that I keep in my wallet, and looked at them, thinking again, “19 years old, crikey.” Then I saw the pictures of the dead toddler on the beach in Bodrum.

Clive Lloyd 1975

How the 1970s Made the World Bigger and More Joyful

It is 40 years this weekend since the first ever cricket World Cup final. A great year for cricket loving me was 1975. The look of “Fuck you South Africa and England, we won it.” from the elegant and wonderful Clive Lloyd in this picture is made all the more fabulous by grinning idiot next to him.