Marcia Williams note

If there is one thing I have tried to keep firmly away from my current work on The Labour Party, Spin and the 1997 and 1966 party machines it’s the controversial relationship between Harold Wilson and his Personal and Political Read the rest

(Please Note: This is an updated and extended post from earlier this month called Corbyn, Wilson and Cheap Propaganda)

The smear campaign currently being run by the bedraggled caravan of Blairite ex-advisors, current apologists, the uninformed and the scared Read the rest

The Fifth Beatle

Hi all. I am currently writing my Masters dissertation at the University of York. It deals with a distinct British form of political ‘spin’.

“Spin” is a term most people are familiar with (via The Thick of It, and … Read the rest

Hong Kong 1938

I wonder when the musical motif indicating ‘Oriental’ was first used? Here it is again… from 1938; that classic cliche of ‘Oriental’ tune making. Anyway, here’s HK in 1938 seen as a Gateway to pre-Communist China. Of course, no one Read the rest