I know it’s not open yet but this made me laugh inside with tears of organisational desperation at the inability to place a single, simple page saying, “Not yet, idiot, we said 1pm” or something more polite yet as effective.Read the rest

Voting is haaaaard

It’s not just the Left and Centre-Left and even Right-Left-Right-Left of British politics that are currently going super-nova as they appear to swallow themselves in a own singularity of their own making… I’ll stop that right there. Voting is hard Read the rest

Glastonbury Tent Rank and File Header

Ahhhh, Glastonbury. Free thinking, let it all go, interesting music, masses of activities, safe, lovely environment. WHAT A THING! It’s like you can totally let go and feel the wind of change and disruption just blowing up a storm of

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A friend of mine, who I have a lot of time for with his enthusiastic, positive and generally, “Get it done” approach and underlying sensitivity recently posted a motivational image. It was a quote regarding change. Its provenance was ‘Socrates’. Read the rest

GamerGate and other political (but also simultaneously apolitical and objective) organisations have ensured that Men’s Rights (a.k.a Menism) has finally been getting some airtime recently with stories such as, Mad Max: Fury Road enrages Men’s Rights Activists who claim they Read the rest

Watching the follow video produced by tech-site The Verge about Facebook’s new ‘Instant Articles’ advertising unit lead me to wonder exactly when it was that the latter bought the former and why we weren’t informed of this.

This is essentially … Read the rest

It’s come to my attention that, despite its beautiful, strong simplicity, some people still don’t understand the basic rules of Banter (or ‘Bantz’ as The Social Media has decided to call it and who is going to fight against progress?). Read the rest

Daniel X didn’t mean to write about video games, “It just sort of happened when I was in high school,” he told me over coffee and pretzels one sunny afternoon in Downtown Los New X last month.

“I used to … Read the rest

“Videogames” is (sic) the story-telling, populist yet also artistic medium of the 21st Century. Or, when in the big leagues, it’s the production of can’t give a shit redeployments of old tat followed rapidly by the redundancies of most of Read the rest