Spin Control: Beware that Trotskyist!

The word is: Trotskyite. Or maybe “Trotskyist”. The question relates to why you, me and probably everybody else are nodding or shaking our heads at the use of the term.

Heads Up

Brazil and the Religious Kitsch-o-Rama – Video

I was brought up as a Roman Catholic but rejected the teachings early on. One thing I’ve not rejected – and I have tried really my dears – is my fascination with all of the regalia, imagery, paganism forced into the RC idolatry mould and general gorgeous kitchiness of the nasty faith. The room, on the left as you enter the Museu Mineiro is power-packed with images and statues, but also comes with…

Sad State of News – What Goes Around…

His book had gone to press and he found himself with nothing to do. Willy, the bartender, who is always sympathetic, suggested a Suissesse, a drink which Willy makes better than anybody else in the world. We were depressed, not so much by the news but by the handling of it.