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This morning I was listening to the radio. Rosie Ayliffe, the mother of murdered British backpacker, Mia Ayliffe-Chung, was speaking about her daughter. Specifically she was speaking about seeing her daughter in the morgue. She then went on to speak … Read the rest

There is no evil - 3 Wise Monkeys by marschl-arts

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I woke up yesterday morning thinking about my daughter Zuzu’s birthday which is this month on the 23rd in fact. This year it’s her 19th. 19 years old! Where Read the rest

We were supposed to go to Italy. We ended up in Wales after the car exploded... that's another story.

This question of identity is not as strange or horrible as the recent case of Rachel Dolezal, it’s more gentle than that: do I still qualify for Fathers’ Day even though my only child died in 2005 at the age

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Last year I wrote about a piece called, On Being Questioned Over the Death of a Child – Part 1 about the death of my daughter Zuzu. It included details about the police presence, the later police interviews, and it Read the rest

I was living in Sydney, Australia the day that my daughter died of a combination of pneumonia, a badly administered anaesthetic following dentistry work and her disability. She died in the room next to mine. I discovered her in the Read the rest