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Ah Glastonbury – Foment and Disruption in Straight Lines

Ahhhh, Glastonbury. Free thinking, let it all go, interesting music, masses of activities, safe, lovely environment. WHAT A THING! It’s like you can totally let go and feel the wind of change and disruption just blowing up a storm of rock and alternative foment and originality.

Exclusive: Men’s Rights Early Documentary Proof Rediscovered

So yes, friends, the crushing of Men’s Rights, of men as equal human beings, has long been a concern with its roots firmly embedded in history. The question you may wish to pose to yourself and your bros, however, is: “Why was this series withdrawn from broadcast and never seen after its first airing in 1980?” The answers are both obviously shocking and telling in this unbrave new world that Men find themselves forced to inhabit. For now, enjoy the drama.

The Guys Behind the Game

I used to read comic books and, you know, watch movies but I always thought there was some better way to reach out and connect with our people…

Don't, Just Don't!

Love that Moral Fucking High Ground

The moral high ground is always a place with beautiful views the likes of which people who have not taken the moral high ground owing to being bogged down in the changeability of actuality have no chance of appreciating. Yeah.