Cat Brings Perspective #1 Religion

Sydney - a bit like Jesus would do...
Sydney – a bit like Jesus would do…

This is Sydney. Whenever we get confused, hurt or bewildered by twaddle we asked for his perspective to bring clarity and restore order. Today we asked Sydney to bring clarity to the BBC Radio 4 ‘Thought for the Day’ segment.

TFtD is always religious. It has to be by law. Well, consent. It usually entails someone shoehorning their particular brand of cultism into current affairs (to be fair, the Rabbi Lionel Blue worth a listen).

It’s usually along the lines of:

“I am Reverend Stephen Sprocket but you can call me Steve. Now then, the pasty tax was not a great idea because, unlike Jesus, it was unfair to poor people, lepers and prostitutes…”

Today’s TFtD was intoned by Rev Dr Sam Wells (Yes, Sam). It concerned the travails of current Manchester United manager David Moyes, who is quite like Jesus or Herod or someone Biblical. One cracker of line was:

“The Bible starts off like a Premiere League (Football) season…”

Here is Sydney to give you some perspective on this matter.

You can email Sydney directly if you would like his perspective on current events.

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