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Brazil and the Religious Kitsch-o-Rama – Video

Heads Up
Heads Up

The Museu Mineiro in Belo Horizonte not only has the best cafe/restaurant attached to any museum or gallery anywhere in the world, it is also a tiny place. But it has one room that is so packed with Religious Kitsch (or sacred objects depending on your views) that has to be seen.

I was brought up as a Roman Catholic but rejected the teachings early on. One thing I’ve not rejected – and I have tried really my dears – is my fascination with all of the regalia, imagery, paganism forced into the RC idolatry mould and general gorgeous kitchiness of the nasty faith. The room, on the left as you enter the Museu Mineiro is power-packed with images and statues, but also comes with the accompaniment of music. It’s the kind of music that is ‘Solemn’ in a Carry Out Up the Vatican sort of a way.

Of course, I made a film of it. Why? Well, you need to see it. But also, Brazil does not have a stick up its public pedagogy like say, Paris or London or New York. You are welcome to shoot film and take photos if you’re sensitive to others.

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