Bopper’s Back

He's Back
Coming back with no fear

He stole the car. He stole the car and crashed it into the fence and died and went to heaven and came back because it wasn’t his time or because there wasn’t enough room there or in the other place. Whatever the reasons he was to come back, was Tom “Bopper” Keys.

“You will find it all rather difficult I’m afraid. Going back will be confusing, but we’ve decided that, as most of this was our fault, we’re going to remove your sense of fear as a bonus”, explained his rather forlorn and embarrassed spirit guide, no name no pack drill.

“Oh, righto, no worries then, cheers”, replied Tom looking from purgatory into the world and not seeing much that surprised him, “Is it working yet?”

“No, not yet, it won’t start working until you’re back on earth.”

Boom, there he was, inside a box, under the ground, with only foetid air. He was returned again but not born again.

“Bugger it,” he considered as he began scratching languorously as his new ceiling panel, “Bugger it, this is going to take some time,” he continued.

“You’re not afraid though, are you?” Queried his spirit guide.

“No, no I’m not. Right-ho. No worries then”, and he continued to dig his way out patiently.

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