Boozey Blackberry Jam

Fermented blackberries, fresh blackberries, home harvested pith pectin, maple syrup, raisin, drop of gin… simmering.

Making the most of peel, pith and garden grown fruit. Soon I’ll be making some completely legal and totally above board fortified wine I think. But for now we have a boozy jam in the making.

Pectin Booze Jame
Starting the blackberry ferment with airborne yeast and a white sugar. Peeling citrus and reserving pith for pectin.
Pectin Booze Jam
Not to waste the peel, so sugar water boiling them for candying.

Pectin Booze Jam
Look how the berries ferment in just a few days!
Pectin Booze Jam
Muslin straining having boiled up pith for pectin.
Pectin Booze Jam
Simmering fresh blackberry, fermented (with a tsp of gin…or two), maple syrup and that lovely orangey pectin.

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