Barred from Voting in the Labour Leadership Election?

How the Labour Leadership Election Should Work
How the Labour Leadership Election Should Work
Have you been barred from voting in the Labour Party leadership election? Please share your feelings on how it happened, and why you think you’ve been singled out. A very quick post today regarding the Labour Party leadership contest. Following the barring of comedian (and social commentator) Mark Steel, and film maker Ken Loach, both left of centre and both high profile and highly principled, I’d like to know, and then make public about other people who have been barred from voting.

That was how Mark Steel discovered that he was not allowed to take part in the democratic process.

For the record, I am voting in the leadership election. I am, currently although I have no idea for how long, a Labour Party member.

What I’d like to know – and to make public via the comments on the post on this blog is the following:

  • How did you try to register for voting rights? Full member? Full member? Young Labour? Via a Trade Union? Or as a ‘Supporter’ with voting rights?
  • How long did it take to inform you that you could not vote?
  • How were you informed?
  • Why do you think you were barred? I’m not using a form for this process as I don’t want to store data or put people off with official looking data capture. I would very much appreciate your full name and email address, so that we can be sure that we’re not being spammed.

And all you need do is comment in the Comments below.

Rejection email from the Labour Party - No Reasons.
Rejection email from the Labour Party – No Reasons.

Please do share this and we can then see how the process is or is not working. Cheers Tim


BBC Labour bans 1200 people from leadership contest vote

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  1. I received the same email this morning. I called the Labour party at lunchtime to find out if it was possible to find out how they had reached the decision and was told in no uncertain terms that there was no way of finding out what this decision was based on, or who had made it.

    Furthermore, that even if I did pursue the one option of appealing the decision, by paying to become a full member, my vote would still not be counted.

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