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Lembit Scheidlen and his wife Elika

Lembit Scheidlen and his Wife Elika

Outside their small, warm and snug little house on the town square the men from the local brigade were marching up and down, giving and taking commands. They stopped on one such command and stood to attention. Their new uniforms and wooden guns – weighted to simulate real weapons – had arrived the day before. They stood in the setting sunshine and listened to a senior officer make a rousing political speech.

Some bare tree branches in the evening.

The Day Goes On

The wind got up, then calmed down and the slamming of the cat-flap indicated the return of the cat. Hours passed. Hours were yet to pass. Jon turned the television on: Hitler, Hitler, Cooking, Quiz Show (Winston Churchill, Arsenal, Star Trek), afternoon soap (slap, kiss, weep, fall), a movie (Shaun of the Dead), a based on a true story movie (slap, kiss, weep, fall, brave battle with spinal injury, god, wedding, bliss), sport, sport, sport, cooking, sport, Hitler, Vietnam, gossip, news, news, news, sport, Nazis.

A photograph of yachts at sea.

All at Sea What Larks!

The dour cloisters of Rimmington Hall rang with excitement. Cleaning, dusting, painting, polishing, rejuvenating were the orders for the day; the young master was coming home. For the first time in four years the curtains were not drawn, the fires were alight, and the sound of music – in the form of off-key humming – could be heard int the anterooms and backstairs.

Your Most-Used Recipe Book Recommendations

Last week I asked Twitter about their most-used recipe books. Simple, uncomplicated: What’s your most-used recipe book? I’m open to having my mind expanded Pls RT so I get more suggestions of “White Heat”. Srsly please RT ta. Usually when you send out a tweet like that, if no one responds immediately then no one …

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Saint Joe the Prick

Novel Snippet Number 2

Here’s the second snippet from the first draft of the new novel. I intend to get this book done, dusted and published by the middle of 2017. The book is set in a seaside city in England in the mid-70s. It features a gang of small time, small thinking men with one, very big thinking woman. Here we get to meet two of the “Loose Lads Gang”. I’d be interested to know what you think.<

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