New Labour's good influence

Blairite columnists such as the laughably fanatical John Rentoul have been casting stones of supercilious pomposity at the current Labour leadership battle that pits Blair/Brown-spawn of different degrees, Candidate A, Candidate B, and Candidate C, against an older, more left Read the rest

How to Resign

On the day that Sepp Blatter explained that he had definitely not resigned from FIFA, despite resigning quite publicly; and in the same year that Nigel Farage definitely didn’t resign or he did… or he said that he wouldn’t stand

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Hello Lovelies! Yes, Josh and Oli welcome you back to the original Cock’s Head Gastropub in the heart of England’s most vibrant think-point. London’s premier eating place will be open throughout the holidays from December 19th to 23rd.

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A print from a limited edition series looking at the people of England from 2010 onwards. Of course it’s for sale if you think you can see this on your wall. Contact [email protected] and make me an offer.


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The Cock’s Head gastropub is located in Shoreditch and Camden and is the dream child of artisan landlords Josh and Oli who have recently returned from the Sydney leg of their world for flavours tour for a soon to be … Read the rest