Alan Moore – Ace Curmudgeon

Despite creating Batman and Superman comics (“I am not proud of it”), Black Country hairy type, Alan Moore has “nothing but abhorrence for the superhero as figure”. He also “didn’t want comics to become high-end accessories”. What a guy.

I’m not a widely read comics reader, but I began with 2000AD with stories like D.R. and Quinch and Halo Jones I have enjoyed V for Vendetta and even the thoroughness of From Hell appealed to me. Both by Moore. I’ve never read Watchmen though.

Moore is a classic English curmudgeon. Someone today has already accused him of, ‘Nerd trolling’ as if that’s a bad thing. I prefer to think of him like as the kind of man who prefers to shake his friends out of their self-satisfied lethargy, their self-selecting bubbles of complacent imagination by pointing out that a good argument can often let in new ideas.

I’ve captured some of the audio below.

In it, Moore comes up with some wonderful lines regarding the ‘Infantilisation of Western Culture’ and, hilariously about how the adults are “thrilling to concepts and characters and stories written to entertain the 12-year old boys of 50 years ago.. they regurgitate the culture that we grew up with and which takes us back to our happy place.”

My happy place in this case consists of the old copies of 2000AD I already have. The stuff from my past is there and accessible if I need it.

I’d like newly created things to show me new ideas, some of which might even make me think anew rather than have what I already believe affirmed. This thinking anew can create new and interesting happy places.

Don’t worry about the audio saying, “Loading’, just hit Play.

(you can hear the full thing over on the BBC until they remove it)

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