Letter to Ed Balls Regarding One Homeless Man

I picked up a homeless man
I picked up a homeless man – I did something.
Dear Ed, Marcus Dyson here, from eleventeenth in Wakefield. I hope that you are well, and the piano playing is going OK.

You are not my MP, but I am writing to you as the economic brain behind the party that most represents my position on politics.

Yesterday, while driving back from Manchester Airport, I stopped at Birch services, and as I left, I picked up a hitchhiker.

When I smelled him, and heard him talk, I at first thought that I had made a drastic error. His voice was slurred badly, and he smelled terrible.

He explained to me that about 18 months ago, his marriage had fallen apart and he had suffered a serious stroke. As the result of his marital problems, he found himself homeless.

As a result of being homeless he was unable to collect benefits.

After a lifetime of work (this guy appeared to be in his sixties) with nary a day off ill, after a lifetime of paying tax, this guy has spent 18 moths (sic) homeless, a week (as of last night) without food. 

He was travelling, at an age when he should be enjoying his pension or even some sort of incapacity benefit, to Brighouse for a job interview. I dropped him in Brighouse and gave him the little cash I had on me.

But I cannot help but feel that my tax enabled the bankers who, maybe not intentionally but certainly tacitly, cause the current hardship to continue their coke and whores lifestyles, while this guy who worked hard all his life is abandoned by our system.

This is not why I vote labour. This is not why I pay tax.

Marcus Dyson

Marcus Dyson is a guest writer at Gashead.net. He drives cars fast. He goes snowboarding abroad. He likes loud rock music and he stops, and looks and feels bad about not doing more yet. This is the exact text of the letter that Marcus sent to Ed Balls MP.

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